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Female Ejaculation Question

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On some products sold online that say ALL WOMEN CAN BE MADE TO SQUIRT, I dispute that ALL of them can, and  I also think it is unfair to those who find out that they can't . They very likely might end up feeling pressured from their mate to squirt. Often the mate was looking at the unrealistic expectations made by porn with alot of trick edits and the like.
But the surrender and climax is always SO much more important than squirting.  I do believe alot of women WILL be able to squirt upon these readings and it is such an intense orgasm,  so I hope that they can.  Find YOUR spot, by YOURSELF....... use rabbits, Hitachis, and whatnot to stimulate, and listen for a smacking sound when you  fingerbang fastly and rub your clit....This is indicative of the possibility that you can squirt.   Also, if you already puddle, it is often indicative that you are a squirter. Remember, squirting is a different kind of feeling, but if you go past level 2 orgasm, that the intensity can be just as great....... to you and to your partner....GOOD LUCK

From Alex of 's newsletter:

Question About Female Ejaculation

I'm a woman who has discovered something that I didn't know could happen. I was in the midst of intercourse and all of a sudden liquid started to squirt from me by the cup full it seems. I was so embarrassed. I thought I was urinating on him, so I started to cry. My partner appeared to be in shock. He expressed that he heard of squirting but he never experienced it. I was previously married, but never experienced anything close to that with my ex husband or my other 2 sex partners. Is this something he can only make me do? Is it a special chemistry? Is squirting okay?
Oh yes, the first time you experience a huge release like that it can be shocking to say the least! I'm so glad that you partner had heard about female ejaculation and that he was able to reassure you that it is TOTALLY OKAY. In the past there has been so much misunderstanding about the subject, and so many women, like you, have been humiliated and thought they were doing something "wrong" or that they had gotten so lost in pleasure that they had peed on themselves and their partner... and wow wouldn't THAT be embarrassing!There was a time, not so very long ago, when a woman like you-- a woman capable of massive levels of sexual pleasure-- might have been so humiliated by an event like that, that she forever after held back when she was having sex... She would never let herself experience that kind of pleasure again for fear of embarrassing herself again... Some women probably never even allowed themselves to ever orgasm at all after an experience like that and became completely repressed and psychologically and emotionally broken. And, of course, some Other women would have continued to experience pleasure by themselves,
masturbating... but NEVER again with her husband who rejected her after her "accident"... and so she would be depriving BOTH of them of the beauty and the intimacy of shared sexual passion. And I'm not talking about during the Victorian days... I mean like even just a few years ago before anyone was talking about female ejaculation. Ouch. But the simple fact is, while very few women spontaneously experience "squirting," those that do USUALLY assume that they were having such an intense orgasm that they simply lost control of their bladder and peed. And it's easy to understand why--
Female ejaculation comes out of the urethra, not the vagina. And it is thin and water-like...not like the normal lubricating fluid that comes from the vagina...However, rest assured: Chemical analysis has shown that it is NOT pee. If you'd care to prove it to yourself, here's an experiment that you can do at home-- Eat a bunch of asparagus-- you'll notice that asparagus gives the urine a very particular smell... and you'll notice virtually none of that smell when you "squirt" during orgasm... even when it comes out by the "cup full".
The female ejaculation comes from a small group of glands that sit behind the g-spot in the vagina called the "intra-urethral glands" and they are, basically, a female version of the prostate.
So I hope that answers your question as to whether squirting is "okay".

As for your other questions...
Is it something that only he can make you do? No, it is something that YOU make you do. It is something that every woman is capable of...though not all women will expel that much liquid, but it requires a HUGE amount of sexual surrender to make it happen. And so that is why you never experienced it with any other lover. This was the man who was able to take you to that kind of place of surrender. Some women can only do it alone, some only with the right partner, but in all cases, it is a special place of sexual trust. You are VERY lucky to have found a partner that can coax that kind of trust and surrender from you, and I hope that you both honor the relationship accordingly. Because, yes, it is very "special chemistry" that allowed it to happen for you two. It takes a lot of trust and powerful feelings of sexual acceptance to surrender that deeply into pleasure.
I'd like to stress again for others reading this Newsletter that every woman is capable of having this experience. And while there have been many books that describe the step-by-step techniques for getting there (including my own... I wrote an entire chapter on the subject), the fact is, all the techniques in the world won't make it happen without learning the emotional art of getting your partner to sexually surrender to you.
If you can learn that, then you'll find that many times, a woman can and will experience her first ejaculation without any special techniques at all.
I'll be talking a lot more about this subject in future Newsletters, so keep watching your in-box.
For Passion,

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