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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Give The Best Oral Sex To Your Man

While alot of women don't mind giving oral, some fade out on doing it for many reasons. For one, be vocal and moan about how much you like it. Keep in mind that if you are great at pleasing her, she might just reciprocate by giving you more oral.
Here is some tips that many women already know, but which might be able to help.
First off, "Men, relax and just stay still!" Especially if your woman is not used to giving much oral. Let her learn not to gag. At least not yet!
Ok, ladies, pretend your mouth is hungry and ready to ravage his world.
Alittle drool as you suck is always nice, as most men like it a bit nasty. "Always a lady outside of the house and a whore in bed". At this you will have ruined him for anyone else.
Experiment with hand around, then have your head up and down in like a circular or nodding-like movement. Do it wild and look up at him, they love this! Ofcourse, no teeth, unless you're mad at him......he-he, just kidding!
You can also numb your throat with a throat-numbing lozenger or products made just for this. These products might in turn delay his climax, which would be your goal if you really want more sex afterwards. This lozenger can help you with relaxing your throat and controlling your gag reflex. Going down further is not something I can tell you how to do as it is NOT for everyone. But, in time, you can learn to deep-throat, if you wish. Really, the most sensitivity is closer to the tip to 1/2 of their shaft, so not a big deal. You can put a strong vibrator under your bottom lip to make vibration as you suck as well as moaning to vibrate your mouth.
Alot of men have this thing about you swallowing his cum. If, for some reason, his cum is really bitter, like an aspirin, just swallow a little bit and drool some of the rest. Hopefully for you, he will be salty or sweet, not bitter. And you can smear it on your face. He might like this but you might say ewww!! Supposedly alot of people say semen is good for preventing wrinkles and acne. The good news is that it is LOVE JUICE!!!!! A product of LIFE........... so enjoy it. If you do not enjoy oral, you can just pretend. Our secret, because so many women have done this for

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Oral To Give A Man

Being I am not a guy, I don't know all the sensations a man directly feels when he gets oral sex. But I do know how obvious it is that they want it more than they can ever get it. When they moan during oral, it can really turn some women on. Moaning and showing pleasure is a great thing to do in general. I have heard that there is no such thing as bad oral sex, when a man receives it. Well.... unless they get your teeth.... which is an obvious no-no.

I cannot tell you my source of this info, but they were men who showed me about oral many years ago. They told me all about it because they were sexual explorers like I was. Many of these things you would already know, but you can gleen some other interesting facts about doing oral on a man, as follows................

First, ask the man about the most sensitive parts on his cock and where he likes to be touched the most. Find out if he likes his balls fondled or lightly scratched. Keep this in mind for when you start getting into pleasing him, so you can suck and also even play with his prostate as well.

If you find doing oral uncomfortable and really don't like it, there is some visual mindplay that will help you. Try to make fun with yourself. Pretend in your mind that it is a nice lollipop, a popsicle, a succulent skinfruit, a love organ, or anything that will make you hungry about sucking it. Most of all, imagine how much he is going to be pleased. You can make him crave you and only you !

Rock your head up and down slow, then awhile later you can go faster, and back and forth, and also make your head do a circular movement up and down as you devour his cock. Then just tongue-flick it up and down, then lick and suck at the same time. No correct sequence, just get into it. Have your tongue do different things. Remember, it is delicious to him when you drool on cock and balls, then breath and blow on those wet areas.

Yes, it goes on and on, then you can breath hot gasps he will feel. Go figure, but sometimes he likes to think you are gagging on his cock. It makes him feel so big!(There is a numbing throat gel you can buy for deepthroat, if you wish to try doing that.) Moan to make your mouth vibrate while you are sucking. You can even get a bullet vibrator (see below on blog- Toy Pick - November) and hold it just under your bottom lip for an added sensation. All in all, when you do all these things, I guarantee that you will be someone he thinks about constantly, even if you don't do it all the time! Please note: Not for "fly-by-nights"....just for someone very special ! Why waste it on someone who won't appreciate you !?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Give The Best Oral Sex To Your Woman

For those that do not know, it brings back an animalistic human kink when you drool while doing oral on your mate. Develop the experience to be as if have not eaten for weeks and are so starving that you are about to beg her for the nectar. As you get her wet with her own juices, you also drool and make a big mess as you lick up and down, round and round. At this, you have figured how to make both hot air or cold air with your mouth on this wetness. The hot or cold air combined with lots of wet drool and pussy juice will make her climb to that higher plane with you. Also, unknown to most people, if you can play the trumpet, or figure out how to vibrate your lips like that, it will be OH MY G............SPOT!! You can also make vibration by moaning. People LOVE moaning !Do not for a minute think of just technique or "work", but only think on savoring the moment and experience of delight as you moan along with her. Lick that clit as you finger her. Grab her hips or ass and rock her body in your mouth.