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Female Ejaculation: Can ALL Women Do It?

Female Ejaculation: Can ALL Women Do It?
By Alex Allman

Most women are capable of MANY sexual
experiences (including "female ejaculation")
that they often DON'T EVEN KNOW that they
can experience... If you want to be the guy
to teach her, HERE'S HOW...

Dear Alex,

I really don't know if this is the right
E-mail, but I'm using it anyway to thank you for
all the tips and advice you gave me in your news
I read about female ejaculation and I would
like to know if any girl can squirt...I really want
to give much much pleasure to my girl. Well in fact
I think I've already did, but I want something
more powerful...
I read all your news letters and I try to pay
attention to all her moves and expressions... this
is helping me a lot.
Thanks again,

Hey man, glad to hear that my tips have been
working for you. Keep up the good work.
Female Ejaculation or "squirting" seems to be
the subject everyone is interested in these days...
So let's get into your question--
Can any girl squirt?
Well, obviously no big experiments have been
set up at a research lab to see if ANY woman can
experience female ejaculation-- so we can't be
certain here... But I think that the answer is certainly "yes."
That said, there are a lot of reasons why any
particular woman might have more difficulty.
The obvious reason is that there are many couples
who have a lot of trouble even figuring out how to
get the woman to experience any orgasm at all--much
less squirting.
But to really answer your question fully, let's
talk for a minute about where this squirting comes
There are tiny glands located above a woman's
urethra (the tube that carries urine from the
bladder) that fill with fluid during sexual
stimulation-- these glands, called the intra-
urethral glands (or sometimes called Skene's
glands) are responsible for female ejaculation.
During, or right before, a very powerful orgasm
these glands sometimes squirt into the urethra
where the muscles of the along the outside of the
vagina cause it to squirt out with force.
It seems that particular types of stimulation
cause it to happen, and only when a woman is
relaxed enough to allow it to occur.
If she feels like she has to pee when she is
having an orgasm, it's probably the feeling of
pressure building up in her intra-urethral glands...
she is probably very close to being able to squirt.
Now that you know where it's from, I can better
answer your question... can any woman squirt?
Here's why this is such a difficult question to
The size of these glands is very different from
woman to woman. In some women they are fairly
large, and in other women they are so small that
they are difficult to detect.
In those women where they are very small, the
amount of fluid that might come out during a
female ejaculation would be much less.
To add to this situation, the opening where
the glands empty into the urethra also vary in
size-- so much that in some women the ducts are
thinner than a human hair, meaning that it is possible
that no fluid would be able to escape at all.
What all of this means is that in some women,
even if they are "EXPERIENCING female ejaculation,"
it's possible that so little will actually dribble
out, that you might not be able to tell for sure.
So don't worry too much about what comes out,
and focus on how she FEELS.
Now I'm not sure that this explanation does full
justice to the majority of women who can, with
some practice, ejaculate a very amount of clear,
odorless liquid... the glands seem just too small
to soak the sheets in this way... but I recently
read a theory that I think "holds water" on this
It is possible that the fluid travels up
the urethra and expands there like a water
balloon filling up, or even into the bladder
itself... and then when it is built up enough and
releases, we see that big volume of liquid.
It's also worth noting that many articles on
subject say that the g-spot must be stimulated
to achieve ejaculation, and that is not the case.
Many women can squirt with clitoral stimulation
only... even though the intra-urethral glands
are, in fact, located at the g-spot.
If you want more information on exactly how
to stimulate your woman to achieve female
ejaculation, I have en entire chapter on the
subject in my online eBook-- including a
"trouble-shooting" section with common mistakes
and problems that guys have when trying to get
their girl to squirt.
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