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Great Oral Sex, by Alex Allman

Oral Sex Skills To Drive Her Wild
by Alex Allman

Let's begin with this true story:
I was meeting some friends out at a casual
place for a couple of drinks... and, as it turns
out, all of them happened to be female.
Anyway, I arrived a couple of minutes late, and
they were already in the middle of a conversation
when I got there. "Girl talk."
I guess because they know that I'm not a judgmental
guy... or maybe because they know I wrote a few books
about sex... or, heck, maybe it's because I'm so "in
touch with my feminine side"... they just kept
the conversation going when I got there as if I was
just one of the girls.
As you might have guessed based on the subject line
of this newsletter, they were talking about oral sex...
And you would be right.
What you might not have guessed is that they
were swapping stories about the WORST oral sex
that they had ever received. And they were... LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY.
Talk about uncomfortable.
I was just sitting there, smiling and nodding
while the girls were laughing their heads off
talking about the guy who slobbered too much, and
the guy with the "corpse tongue" (no, I did not
make that up), and the guy who didn't know where
anything was, and the guy who... Well, okay. You get the idea.
It was kind of awkward because I felt really
BAD for these guys... but I didn't want to come
out and "defend" them-- At the same time, I sure didn't want to start
acting like a big know-it-all and saying something
like, "Well... I wrote a book on this stuff so
let me tell you ladies how it gets done right..."
So, basically, I just kept my mouth shut and
listened. And while it was very awkward, it was also
very interesting.
One of the main things I learned was that there are
VERY few guys who really know what they are doing when they
go down on a girl. And that when a girl does meet a guy who knows
exactly how to send her into orbit, it's a big deal. She's going to definitely want to keep that guy around, and she will brag to her friends about him.
The other thing I learned was that a lot of
women are basically clueless as to what they
themselves actually like...
but they didn't seem to really know EXACTLY why.
I guess they can't really see what's going
on down there-- or maybe it's just that when it's
really great, they completely lose the ability to
think AT ALL.
Because as I was listening to them, I could
hear that they would talk about the SAME things
as the "worst" or "the best" depending on the guy
they were with. In other words... the guy that "slobbered" too
much was bad, but the guy that made it really wet
down there was good... Was it all in their heads? Not exactly.
The big "ah-ha" here is that when it comes to
going down on a woman, WHAT you do is far less
important than HOW you do it.
And maybe that's why I figured the "basic"
material on this subject wouldn't be that great
to share with you... even if you KNOW all that
basic stuff, it's still possible that a group
of girls will be sitting around in a bar somewhere
making fun of YOU. Ouch.
I want to make sure that when you use the tips
I give you in these Newsletters that you will
absolutely give her the best sexual experience of
her life when you try them out.
I'll tell you up front that the three tips
that I'm going to share are all much more
about getting into her mind than her body, because
seriously, for women, THAT is where it ALL
For men, a certain amount of what makes great
sex is what goes on in our heads... I mean, being
distracted and nervous can kill it... but for
the most part, it's not about our mood... it's
about the physical stuff:
-What she looks like
-what she feels like
-what she smells like
-what she sounds like
-and what she's doing to us.
That is just NOT the case for women.
Yes, that stuff matters. But for women
the physical things you do don't matter
anywhere near as much as things like:
-sexual confidence
-sexual trust
-the things you say to her
-HOW you say them
-and how you CONNECT with her.
Now, if you're thinking that "connect with
her" sounds kind of vague... don't worry. I'm
going to tell you EXACTLY how to do that.
With the following tips I'm going to tell you
EXACTLY how to make her FEEL that you are
connecting with her in the way that will drive
her wild with lust.
If everything goes really well, YOU'LL feel
it too, and the experience will be incredible for
both of you...
>>> 1. Pay Attention
I talk about this idea of "paying attention"
all the time. I believe that it is one of the
most important ideas that a man MUST understand
to become a truly great lover.
It is a particularly important concept when
it comes to going "down town".
The CRITICAL thing to remember when it comes
to great sex is that every woman is DIFFERENT.
This fact just gets lost on most guys because
either, they read about some great move in a book
or in a magazine article or website... and they
are SURE that it will work if only they keep at
it long enough...
Or, there is a thing they did that drove their
first/last girlfriend absolutely crazy... and they
keep doing it over and over on every new woman they
date... even though NONE of them respond to it.
This is just the way we men are built. We
like hard and definite solutions to problems that
will work in a variety of situations.
We like to problem solve-- but once we've
solved it, we can be very stubborn about holding
on to our solution.
That just doesn't work when it comes to
making love to a woman.
Some women like direct pressure that is
so firm that you might fear injuring her, while
others like feather-light and even indirect touch.
Every woman is unique, and finding out how
to touch her takes experimentation and paying
It is very unlikely that she will come out and
TELL you how she wants it... "a little to the left,
now not quite so hard, but a little bit faster..."
Not going to happen.
Yet, she WILL "COMMUNICATE" all of that
information to you, and more... if you know how
to listen with your body.
You've got to "tune in" to the woman you are
in bed with.
Listen to changes in her breathing, the way
her skin softens and her muscles tighten, the
way the blood flushes beneath her skin in her
face and breasts, the way she moans..

She is definitely communicating. She is
telling you all of the secret ways that she wants
to be touched and teased. But it's up to you to
understand what she's communicating...
And that comes back to paying attention.
If you are doing it right, you will really
enjoy it and it will really draw you deeply into
the experience of her.
It will make it better for both of you.
If you insist that you need a bunch of different
"techniques" to experiment with... you can get all
of the positions and specific techniques by going
But I want to say again-- that kind of basic
information is available many places online...
But the fact remains:
You can do EVERYTHING right. You
can make all the right moves with your fingers,
lips, and tongue... and still not really drive
her crazy...
On the other hand, you can do only the most
basic stuff, and if you can dial into her emotional
state and stay connected with her, you'll completely
fry the circuits in her brain.
>>>2. Stay Connected
I guess I really should back up a bit and start
with "Get Connected" before I have you worry
about staying there.
MOST men never really figure out how to connect
to a woman's sexual emotions. And that's a shame
because that is where the most intense orgasms
begin-- not in her vagina, but in her brain.
Great sex for a man is definitely possible even
if you are completely disconnected from the woman...
I'd even say that you could dislike the woman, and
if she is physically HOT and enthusiastic, you might
still have some great sex.
But for a woman this is just not the case.
She needs to feel connection, and she needs
to feel trust, and she needs to feel that she
won't be judged or humiliated by her partner
before she can have her deepest and most powerful
sexual experiences.
You make those connections with the things you
say, the way you hold her eye-contact, the way
you smile confidently at her, the tone of your
voice, the way you put your hands on her, and
the way you hold her.
(If this doesn't make sense to you, or you
just want to understand it better, you should
probably go apologize to your girlfriend, and then
immediately read my eBook.)
Making her feel connected and then STAYING
connected is especially difficult when you are
going down on her because she is pretty much
No doubt a woman can really "enjoy" oral sex
even if she is not feeling connected to you down
But she can't really have mind-melting orgasms
that way. And more importantly, for many women,
they just begin to feel awkward... or even have
feelings of anxiety.
But it's so easy for you to completely take
care of all of those issues for her.
All you have to do is give her some small
signs to let her know that you are still aware
that there is a whole person attached to that
Look up at her and make eye-contact once in a
Stop and tell her how much you are enjoying it
or how hot you think it is.
Reach up and stroke the side of her face and
Take her hands and give them a gentle squeeze.
Any signal that lets her feel that you are
connected to her as a person...
You don't have to do all of these things, and
you don't have to do them all the time. Just
give her a few signs every few minutes and watch
what happens immediately afterwards...
First, her body will relax into what you
are doing, and then, very quickly, she'll have
a MUCH more intense orgasm.
And just as easy as that, you are in the
Master Class!
>>>3. Push Her Limits
This is not something you ought to bust
out on a third date.
It is very important that you know the girl
you are with and understand her on an emotional
level before you attempt this sort of thing.
Please note that nothing I am about to
write involves the use of force or of doing
ANYTHING against a woman's will.
I hate having to write that, but unfortunately
there are a few dumb-asses out there that can
twist the meaning of things, and I want to make
sure I am perfectly clear:
You should NEVER do ANYTHING to a woman that
she does not consent to and want you to do.
Okay, with that out of the way...
Women are frequently "resistant" to having their
most intense orgasms. They can feel it's about
to happen... and they nearly panic.
It's bigger than anything they have experienced
before and it can be frightening.
Usually this happens after she has come a few
times already and is on the verge of going into
multiple orgasms. And suddenly she feels like if
she comes that hard, she just won't be able to take
So she clamps her legs closed, or she wiggles
her hips out of the way. She may even moan,
"Wait! Wait! I can't take any more!"
If you and your partner are in a trusting
relationship, and if she is emotionally healthy,
try to ease her past this limit.
Here is a great way to do it...
When she begins to squirm or resist as she
reaches her "pleasure limit", reach up and place
your palm firmly in the center of her chest, and
press her "down" onto the bed.
This will not prevent her from squirming
away, and it will not prevent her from closing
her legs, or confine or entrap her in any way...
It is simply a dominant and masculine gesture
that let's her know that you want her stay calm
so that you can continue taking her higher.
Most women, if you do this gently but with
confidence, will become sexually submissive, and,
if there is enough trust between you, she will
surrender her fear to you and let you take her to
the "next level."
You can also do it verbally by calmly and
confidently saying to her, "I'm going to take you
higher, all you have to do is relax and remember
to breath."
Or "You're okay, I've got you," and then
Saying something like this... that is both a
gentle command and a reassurance that you know
what is going on and that you can confidently
pilot her through the experience will do amazing
It allows her to psychologically surrender
control of the "decision" to you. She simply
can't make the decision herself to experience that
much pleasure-- but if she completely trusts you,
she will LET YOU make the decision for her.
At this point, if you have followed the first
2 steps...
You have been paying attention so that you know
exactly how to drive her wild...
And you have stayed connected with her so that
is feeling the emotions of sexual trust...
Then by taking her past what she had thought
were her limits of pleasure, she will experience
an orgasm that will knock the walls down.
PLEASE remember:
When you give a woman this kind of pleasure it
is not something YOU did alone. It is something
Allowing this to happen, for her, is emotionally
dangerous. She will feel EXTREMELY emotionally
vulnerable afterwards.
DON'T SAY OR DO ANYTHING STUPID. Just hold her, stroke her hair, and say something
Be aware that if you laugh-- even if it is
just a laugh of pure happiness and pleasure,
she may misunderstand and become very upset.
Sarcasm is strictly off limits.
Be gentle.
If you are in love with her, tell her so.
If not, tell her that she is amazing and that
you really enjoyed what just happened.
I'll repeat at this point that these 3 tips
are "advanced" and that they will produce
amazing results.
You probably were not aware before of just
exactly how LOUD your woman can scream.
If you are not getting incredible results, and
if your partner is not completely obsessed with
getting you into bed by this point, then I assume
that you have not yet downloaded your copy of
my online eBook.
If you haven't, I highly recommend you do that
right now. Here's why:
First, it explains in great detail why all of
this stuff works, and you will understand how to
make the woman (or women) in your life so
completely satisfied that they will forever think
of you as, by far, the best lover they have ever
had... no matter what your "size", endurance, or
any of that silly crap that doesn't matter.
Second, because it is on-line, you can be
reading it for yourself, literally minutes from
the time you click the link...
Third, because your success and your relationship
are WAY more important to me than my wallet, so you
have my absolute guarantee that if what you read
does not work in your relationship, just email me and
I will be happy to return your money and we'll still be
And don't forget... with great power comes
great responsibility. I was a little bit nervous
sharing this stuff. It is much more powerful
than it seems on the surface.
I hope that you, like me, cherish the woman
in your life and that you don't use this kind of
knowledge without understanding the emotional
responsibility that goes with it.
And I'll talk to you again soon.
Your friend,
Alex ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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